Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yarn Shop

Today, I'm in Kitchen Kettle Village with my mother, who owns a yarn shop at this lovely little tourist destination in ye ol' Amish country, Lancaster, PA!
(look, Amish!! /points randomly at sights while slowing down on the highway...
pic from here)

The shop is fittingly called Lancaster Yarn Shop, and I get to hang out and help people choose yarn, unpack boxes of really pretty softies and lovies of yarn, and blog. My choice retail outfit includes: pinkish/purple tank, jean shorts (not cutoffs, I promise), my Converse, and a funky Eddie Bauer wool vest thing. The look is oddly leaning towards the 50s era.
There were some anxious moments over our FedEx-ed boxes today! There were two mistakes in the yarn we got, and this was the order the company had almost lost, but the yarn is all really beautiful. If only I could ever finish anything! I've been trying to make a cowl, but before I get to the fun parts I have to knit what is essentially a 46 inch scarf (!!!!!). That's pretty darn long, in my book. I found the pattern on Ravelry, but it's on Scribd here, and it's free!

And speaking of books! On Etsy, I found this book, the same book I got out of the library before, called simply How to Design Your Own Clothes and Make Your Own Patterns, by Claudia Ein.

(Photo from Amazon)
It is a great book, and I might have to buy it. Really well priced, too! Unfortunately, like most/all of the books on sewing that I have, it bases its pattern construction off of patterns you already have or buy, which you use as a master pattern. Sigh. One day I hope to find one about pattern-making that explains all the fundamentals. I'll just have to take a class! SCAD was recently recommended to me, and I'm going to include that in my list of fashion schools to investigate.
Be sure to check out my mom's blog, Lancaster Yarn Shop!

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