Friday, July 16, 2010


Favorite One, for what I think is a good price.
£ idea! ASOS REGAN Gilly Lace Up Wedge Shoes, I believe.

Today is a going insane day! I finally got the new
innertube for my (vintage) bike, get to go to the
dentist (oh woopie) and I am officially obsessed
with wedges.
I've been hunting the internet for a
good, affordable pair, and so far, Asos has some
pretty good prospects. My little sandals for the day
are falling apart, which is sad, and I really am in
desperate need of some good ol' shoe shopping to
cheer me up. To bad i haven't got any money! Although
I think I can get some of my money for school clothes
to be lent for this dire need...and if the world hears this
cry for shoes, help me find some good deals!

These ones, the "Opening Ceremony" wedge from Asos, are what I would buy if I were super duper rich.

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