Sunday, July 18, 2010


From Reese's Pieces? From the heat? WHO KNOWS, but I am not feeling well at all. Sort of a tummy thing, sort of a headache-every-time-I-stand-up thing, so it's great. BUT exciting skirt news! My parents went out to get the NY Times, as our Sundays demand, and took two hours to do it- but I didn't know they were stopping by good ol' GoodWill, and my mother was finding me a (!!!!!) RALPH LAUREN SKIRT. She did not buy the strapless, leather-esque, Guiliani or something dress, which was around $20. No idea how much the skirt cost, I didn't ask! I might have to go back for the dress, but I haven't got any money at the mo'. Oh, well. I'll post pics of the skirt as soon as it's cool enough to wear it (it being made of wool and an above-the-knee length)!

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