Wednesday, July 28, 2010

who wore what where

Twenty-thousand people wore super cool festival clothes to Grassroots, 2010! And I, as usual, was there. This year was the 20th annual festival, and I believe the 9th time I've gone! The 10th, for my parents; they left us at home one year.

longtime Grassroots compatriot, Leah, and myself on the right

My mother, sadly, consistently left the camera back at the bed-and-breakfast (the parents, again, claiming their age deters them from camping), so I got no pictures of my own. Luckily, little sister Katie had her camera along and used it till the batteries died on Sunday. All photo credits and rights go to her. If you or someone you know wants me to remove one of these photos for a legitimate reason, just lemme know.

me on the moon!

best hair of the year winner

Our project of fun this year was to get a load of people to paint there hands and stick 'em on my older sister's only white t-shirt. Excellent. Notice the dinosaur prints near the top...

This guy on the right had a really good plan to stay dry in the torrential downpours we had: just wear scrubs. They're like his full body poncho!

the Grassroot's spirit is embodied in one man's orange rain poncho.

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